Welcome to the Cal Poly Brew!

Looking for info about the Cal Poly Cup? Click here for more details.

When someone heard I was a member of the Cal Poly Brew Crew, the response I got was "Brew Crew! Yeah! College! Party!"

My Response:

"Actually, the Cal Poly Brew Crew strives for the utmost flavour and knowledge-gaining while producing our irresistible beverages that are both award-winning and spectacularly malted, not to mention taste bud potency that can cause you to believe there are time warp patterns scattered across the universe in such a way that if detached from their original form, could trigger a matter-to-space frequency continuum larger and more massive than a nuclear iodine reaction."

Some plans for the 2009-2010 school year:
  • Cal Poly Cup Homebrew Competition
  • Field Trip to the Firestone brewery
  • Attending The Morro Bay Beerfest and Chili cookoff
  • Attending the Boonville Beer Festival
  • Attending the Avila Beer Festival
  • .. and more!

So come check us out. Whether you are a masterbrewer or have never brewed before, the Cal Poly Brew Crew is right for you.

Travis McMillon

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